H’llo my name is Jean-Albert Heckel and I’m a multi-disciplinary designer specialized in graphic design and printed goods.

I am a designer who promotes clever and intelligent concepts, while keeping in mind the idea of simplicity and quality in finishes and execution. I am keen to sharp graphic design, crafts and printed matters.

Have a quick glance at my online resumé here.

For any collaboration inquiries or just to say hello leave your message at heckel.ja@gmail.com

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T.    (+33) 6 95 71 95 23
E.    heckel.ja@gmail.com

Jean-Albert graduated top of his class with a Bachelor's degree in  Graphic Design in 2014. Afterward, he oriented his work on experimental and innovative design, and graduated top of his class and with honors in 2016, with a Master's degree in Global Design, Research and Innovation at École de Condé Paris.

During his studies, he worked as an intern at Frenchmade, Lava, Thonik and Les Arts Codés. At Les Arts Codés, a digital and prototyping workshop, he developed the Open Press Project, allowing users from all around the world to download and create their own letterpress in a Fab-lab for a very low-cost.

From 2016 to march 2018 he worked as a designer at the Amsterdam based design studio Thonik for a variety of clients in Europe and China, mostly in the institutional and cultural field.

Jean-Albert is currently going back to Paris and looking for a graphic designer position at a design studio.

Scope and capabilities
Concept development
Art direction
All-round campaigns
Visual identities
Editorial design
Type design
Website design
Poster design
Packaging design
Set design
Printed goods

 Art Direction & Graphic Design
Amsterdam — Paris.